120 Grade Acetal Enameled Wire

A good-quality acetal enamelled wire has the best mechanical strength and flexibility and is excellent in resisting heat and oil. It is highly flexible and can be easily molded into a variety of shapes, including round, hexagonal, and flat. It has good electrical properties, good 120 grade acetal enameled wire  flexibility, and low thermal softening breakdown temperature. And its low resistance to moisture and rust makes it suitable for many electrical equipment applications.

The thermal grade acetal enameled wire of the present invention is made of polyvinyl acetate resin. It is an effective insulating varnish for electrical equipment. It has high resistance to oil and refrigerants, good flexibility, and low cost. It can also be easily disassembled and reassembled. Its main use is in transformers and motors with oil.

The present invention relates to the production of acetal enameled copper strap wires for use in oil-filled transformers. In general, these wires use polyvinyl acetate as the insulating varnish. It has good hydrolysis and tack, and is therefore suitable for low-temperature applications. The invention relates to the production of acetalene-based electric transformers.